GOOD NEWS: Bus Driver Helps Blind Man When Construction Changes His Route

Gene Hubbard lost his sight to diabetes, but he’s been getting to and from work on the bus in Milwaukee for 20 years. He knows his regular route well, but road construction changed it and threw him off course.

Thankfully, Gene has Thaddaus Turner, an MCTS bus driver looking out for him. Another passenger recently snapped a photo of Turner helping Gene across the street so he could navigate those orange construction barrels and get to his destination safely. A video from inside the bus shows the young driver pull over and let the blind man take his arm to find his way.

And it turns out Turner isn’t the only one. Gene says when he has asked, many other bus drivers have helped him make it home safely. He adds, “I just can’t say enough about all the bus drivers.”

Source: Fox 6 Now

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