GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritan Flies Family Home From Costa Rica

The Lopez family was on vacation in Costa Rica when their three-year-old son Axel was injured and got a cast on his leg that prevented them from taking a commercial flight back home to Minnesota. Their options were limited because medics told them it could be six to eight weeks before his cast was removed and a special air ambulance would’ve cost them $40,000.

But when fellow Minnesotan Wes Converse heard about their story, he wanted to help. And being president of Red Wing Aeroplane, he had the resources to do it. A private plane was reconfigured to accommodate Alex’s needs and was flown to Costa Rica to bring them home … at no charge.

“I just felt because it was someone right in our community, we had our resources to help them,” Converse explains. “It felt like the right thing to do.”

Source: CBS Minnesota

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