GOOD NEWS: Teacher’s Class Gets Perfect Scores On Test For Fourth Year

Students and staff at St. Mary’s Academy in Englewood, Colorado are celebrating after an entire class earned a perfect score on their AP Calculus exam. And as if that isn’t impressive enough, it’s teacher Iswari Natarajan’s fourth consecutive class to score all fives.

Students in her class this year knew that her three previous classes at the all-girls high school had a perfect track record, so they were nervous of the expectation to keep the trend going. But their teacher prepared them well, focusing on establishing relationships and encouraging them to push their academic limits. Natarajan says, “It’s all about building confidence.”

The students worked hard to ace the exam and credit their teacher with helping them achieve success. “She gave us the problems at a level that was much harder than they are supposed to be, and she didn’t tell us,” explains Audrey State, a student. “For the student to be dedicated to the subject, and be able to excel in it, the teacher has to really love what they are teaching.”

Source: CBS Denver

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