Are Blake and Gwen married?!?

It sure looks like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a fun weekend. The singers, along with Gwen’s three sons, spent Saturday in Blake’s homestate of Oklahoma, with Gwen documenting all the fun they had out on a boat in Lake Texoma. 

Gwen shared lots of video on Instagram story of Blake and the boys bonding on the lake, and one post even left some folks wondering if the couple may have secretly tied the knot. 

At one point she shared a picture of Blake’s sister Endy Shelton, captioning it “Got lucky #sisternlaw,” leading folks to wonder if they actually made it legal. So far they haven’t commented on the speculation. Check out some of the videos to the left.

  • ONE MORE THING! When Blake and Gwen first got together many folks thought it wasn’t real, and they just clapped back at that notion with a post on Twitter. Blake shared a picture of them kissing while holding up what appears to be a board game called “Publicity Stunt.” He captioned the photo #haters. Check it out below.
  • Source: Entertainment Tonight

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