GOOD NEWS: Kind Strangers Give Concert Tix To Family

Heather Hobbs drove her twins, Rhett and Riley, from Kansas City to Rogers, Arkansas to see a Pentatonix concert. The kids were really excited to hear one of their favorite bands perform at the Walmart AMP venue and had been looking forward to the show for months.

But when the family’s tickets were scanned, they discovered they were for the same show, but in Dallas, Texas on a different day. Hobbs got in touch with StubHub, who sold her the tickets and offered a refund, but couldn’t help her secure three tickets to that night’s show at the amphitheater. That’s when a woman approached and asked what was wrong, as the group was shedding a few tears over their situation.

The mom explained what happened and the woman and her two friends handed over their tickets, explaining the concert didn’t mean that much to them. “We all cried and we all hugged each other,” Hobbs explains. “They walked away and we were able to attend the concert.”

And the best part? The anonymous strangers are being given free tickets to any upcoming concert they choose courtesy of the Walmart AMP.

Source: 5 News Online

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