GOOD NEWS: Evacuees Thank Firefighter For Watering Garden

The Carr Fire forced Susan and Jeff Grant from their California home and they spent 10 days at a nearby hotel until they were allowed to return. When they got home, they found a note from Ray the firefighter, who helped keep some of their animals alive and watered their garden.

The couple were touched by this man’s kindness and his note, and the story went viral on social media. And now the Grants have been able to meet and thank the man behind the note, Red Bluff’s Fire Chief Ray Barber. He told them about seeing their garden and watering it a few times over a couple days his crews were working to put out hot spot fires in the area and he saved their baby turkeys.

“We do what we do and we leave and we go to the next home,'" Barber says. "But being able to come back and see the folks that you helped and talk to them and see the impact that you've made, it's touching."

Source: KRCR

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