GOOD NEWS: People Donate Frequent Miles To Reunite Immigrant Families

A woman’s tweet about helping an immigrant family who was separated at the border has spilled into a kindness contagion that’s going to help many more. University of Michigan professor Beth Wilensky recently tweeted that her husband earns a lot of frequent flyer miles from traveling for work all the time and she was able to donate some of them to help reunite a dad and his three-year-old son and send them to their extended family.

Wilensky encouraged others to donate any flyer miles they could spare, word spread quickly, and lots of people wanted to do it. She directed them to Miles 4 Migrants, a nonprofit that uses donated frequent flyer miles for refugees who are moving to their new homes and immigrants who’ve been separated from their families. And in just the last few days, nearly eight-million miles have been donated to the charity!

If you want to support the cause but don’t have any frequent flyer miles to give, you can still make a difference. Booking flights with miles comes with a few, so cash donations are important, too. “We’re really encouraged people want to work with us,” Miles 4 Migrants’ co-founder Nick Ruiz says. “Together we can make this happen.”

Source: Scary Mommy

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