GOOD NEWS: Quadruple Amputee Bride Walks Down The Aisle

It started as a whirlwind romance for Amanda Flores and Frank Bordoy. They met, fell in love and moved in together, with two kids each. She says they were happy and finding their flow, and then she got a cold. But it wasn’t really a cold, she had strep that turned into an infection then septic shock.

Flores was in a coma for two months and when she woke up, she learned that in order to save her life, her hands and legs had to be amputated. She went through a dark time after that and even tried to push away Bordoy, but he double downed and popped the question instead. She said yes, on one condition: she wanted to walk down the aisle.

“The likelihood of me truly walking independently again was pretty slim because very few people have what it takes,” Flores says. But she did. And thanks to prosthetics and a strong will, she walked down the aisle at her wedding and said “I do” over the weekend. And it seems like this couple already has that whole “in sickness and in health” part figured out.

Source: CBS News

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