GOOD NEWS: Brave Bystander Rescues Teen From Car Submerged In Water

While driving down a quiet Georgia road early in the morning, 17-year-old Sofia Stokes fell asleep behind the wheel. She jolted awake after crashing into a construction cone and overcorrected, crossing a car in the oncoming lane, then flipping over and landing upside down in a water-filled ditch. The Waycross teen was gasping for air and lost consciousness, fortunately, Alex Tiner was driving the car she crossed.

Tiner says he watched Sofia’s car flip twice and then disappear and that he could only see a bit of her tire sticking out. He and another bystander waded into the murky water and pulled at the car’s doors and punched and kicked the windows. Finally they got in and grabbed Sofia and Tiner carried her to land.

He says she was completely blue but he started CPR and flipped her to he side, pounding on her back until she spit up a bunch of water and took her first breath, then her color came back. Tiner’s quick action saved Sofia and bought her time to get to the hospital. She had some lung damage, but otherwise escaped with bumps and bruises and has been released from the hospital.

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Source: First Coast News

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