GOOD NEWS: Theater Hosts Dementia-Friendly Screening Of “Mamma Mia”

Rhiannon Lewis recently took her mother Shirley, who has early onset dementia, to a showing of “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” Her mom had such a great time, she was singing along, but when other audience members got upset, they left the theater. After complaining about the incident on Facebook, the 68-year-old was offered her own viewing of the new movie.

A manager for Cineworld in Newport asked if Shirley would like to come to her own personal screening of the film after her unpleasant experience at another theater. She gladly accepted and invited over 100 friends and other dementia patients to come. Lewis says the music in the movie helps calm her mom, so the private showing was perfect.

The stress just melted away - it wasn’t an issue this time,” Lewis says. “For those couple of hours she’s not confused, just in the moment and not having to deal with this daily battle she’s going through.”

Source: BBC

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