GOOD NEWS: IHOP Server Makes Customer With Down Syndrome Smile

A server at a Texas IHOP is being praised for showing kindness to a customer with Down syndrome. Regina Thompson shared in a Facebook post that she was eating at the restaurant in Abilene when their waitress, Millie, really made an impression on her brother, Dwayne Roach.

Regina explains that her brother has a fascination with name tags and badges and he admired Millie’s name tag. He also told her that his name is Captain America, so that gave Millie an idea. She brought Dwayne his very own IHOP name tag, and can you guess what the name on it was? That’s right - Captain America!

The story about the server going out of her way to make this customer’s day is going viral and it’s a good reminder that the little things in life can make the biggest difference. But Millie’s pretty modest about her act of kindness. “When people come in, I want to make them smile,” she explains. “If they leave happy, it makes me happy.”

Source: KRON

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