GOOD NEWS: CPR Kiss Kicked Off This Couple’s Love Connection

It didn’t start out as a romance for Andi Traynor and Max Montgomery. They met when Max posted on Facebook asking people to train with him for a marathon paddleboard event in New York City and Andi answered. But after their fourth paddle session, he felt a burning in his chest and collapsed on the shore.

Max went into cardiac arrest and didn’t have a heartbeat for 17 minutes. Luckily, Andi’s a doctor and she knew exactly what to do. She didn’t feel a pulse, but did CPR and mouth-to-mouth to keep him alive. It took six defibrillator shocks from EMTs to get Max’s heart going again, and he knows without Andi, he wouldn’t be here today.

“Anything can happen at any time to anyone,” Max says. “That first kiss being CPR was obviously very magical because here I am and I’m very grateful that I’m able to experience further kisses.”

Source: CBS News

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