Message in a Bottle found

A Message In A Bottle Found In The River Thames Has The Internet On A Hunt - A heartbreaking message in a bottle was found by a father and son in England and they’ve enlisted social media users to help find the author.

James Herring and his tween son Jack were boating on the River Thames in England, when they came upon a bottle with a message in it. Jack was supposed to wait to open it, but couldn’t resist. That’s when Herring and son got caught up in the sad story enclosed in it.

The note said: “To whoever sees this message – This is in memory of a dear son and brother who died of a broken heart, two years after his beloved Lisa.

“He loved her so, so much. They had a passion for travel and one of their favorite songs was ‘Somewhere beyond the sea.’

“So this is your final adventure, Jon, your last journey to paradise, and Lisa waiting on those Golden Sands – together forever.”

The message ended with a request to light a candle for them.

Obviously, the father and son took to social media with the sad message and asked for help locating information. While nothing has panned out, well over three-thousand people have liked or commented on the post. And yes, Herring did light a candle and even played “Somewhere Beyond The Sea” for the tragic couple.

Source: New York Post

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