GOOD NEWS: Kid Travels The Country To Feed The Homeless

Earlier this year, Austin Perine didn’t even know what being homeless meant. The four-year-old Birmingham, Alabama native was curious about it and when his father, T.J., explained that it means you don’t have a house, Austin wanted to do something to help people dealing with homelessness.

It started with Austin delivering chicken sandwiches to those living on the streets of his hometown, but soon his mission to give back grew bigger. Now Austin and his family travel around the U.S. and he makes good on his promise to serve food to those in need.

The family makes it a priority - his dad even quit his job to make it happen and to teach his son what’s really important in life.“I had a six-figure job that I was very happy with, but I think this is a little bit more purpose-filled,” T.J. says.

And for Austin, it’s just about showing love. He says, “When I feed the homeless people they make me feel great.”

Source: NBC Miami

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