GOOD NEWS: Tulsa Family Gifted New Home

A streak of bad luck a few years ago left Rebecca Jefferson’s Tulsa, Oklahoma home in bad shape. A tree fell on the house, it caught fire and they had work done by an unlicensed electrician, and eventually, the family was stuck living in just two rooms of the home that had big holes in it, using a gas generator to power it.

Their luck changed one day when a stranger rang their doorbell. Realtor Linda Fitzgerald told Jefferson about a program that would give them a new roof for free. That didn’t work out because the old home couldn’t support the roof, so Fitzgerald and other community members teamed up to find another solution.

The Jefferson’s home was demolished and another home in a different part of town has been moved to their lot. Many organizations came together to make this happen for the family and they are over the moon about having a new place to call home.

“I want to do my happy dance,” Jefferson says. “I’m so excited.”

Source: CW39

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