GOOD NEWS: Bus Brings Soap And Hope To Homeless

Hope thru Soap is a group that travels around Atlanta offering showers to those in need. Every weekend, Jason Winter hauls his rainbow-tinted bus downtown in the city and parks in an abandoned parking lot for hours while folks line up to get cleaned up.

Winter and friends started helping the homeless community in Atlanta in the winter of 2016 by hanging out hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets to them and as he got to know the people, he asked what they’d want if they could have anything. Most of them said a shower, so he made that happen. Winter bought a shower trailer and Hope thru Soap was born.

With Hope thru Soap, people who haven’t had a shower in weeks or sometimes months, can wash up, get a change of clothes, have a haircut and a shave, and have a hot dog. Winter says he’s not trying to solve homelessness, just trying to make someone’s day better than their last.

“As a kid, we had a lot of stuff, we were very fortunate,” Winter explains. “When I got older, I realized that having all these things - a house, a bed, a job, a car - it's all great, but for me, giving back... that's my fancy car.”

Source: USA Today

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