GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritans Save Driver From Burning Truck

When a crash on Highway 281 in Texas caused the truck to catch on fire, four people were in the right place at the right time to help. Richard Brogan and three workers for a San Antonio plumbing company saw the crash and worked together to help the driver escape safely.

Brogan and the other good samaritans rushed from their vehicles and teamed up to break the sky light in the truck’s cab area. They were able to get the stunned driver out safely before flames reached the gas tank.

“We kept yelling at him, but he wouldn’t respond,” Brogan explains. “We don’t know if he crawled back there because he was scared. We couldn’t tell if he had a concussion or was unaware of his surroundings, or what. But he was really shook up.”

Source: My San Antonio

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