GOOD NEWS: Teen Gifted New Car After Wild Football Fans Destroy His

When the University of Kentucky finally beat the University of Florida after 31 years, football fans at the college were really ready to celebrate. Drunken students rioted after the victory and Matt O’Hara’s 2004 Volvo was in their path of destruction.

The 19-year-old doesn’t even attend the school, but was in town visiting friends when fans flipped his car over, smashing its windows. A video shows someone jumping from the roof of a house onto the car, and the car was totaled from all the damage. Worst of all? O’Hara’s limited insurance policy wouldn’t cover the damage “because it was a riot.”

But that’s when Big M Superstore, a local auto dealer in Nicholasville, decided to apologize to O’Hara on behalf of the Big Blue Nation, a name for the University of Kentucky’s fans. They donated a Mazda to replace his destroyed car and it was Kentucky blue, of course. A thankful O’Hara says he was “speechless” by the generous gift.

Source: Inside Edition

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