GOOD NEWS: Wings For All Helps Disabled Kids Learn To Deal With Airports

Families with mentally and physically disabled loved ones got a rare chance to practice navigating the airport at a “Wings for All” event in North Dakota recently. There were nearly 90 people there to board a special flight that never took off, so everyone could see what traveling would be like.

This free event was a partnership between The Arc Upper Valley, Allegiant Air, and the North Dakota Association for the Disabled and was the first Wings for All held in the state. The itinerary followed exactly what people do when boarding a flight, from check-in to being seated, everything is the same, it’s just slowed down so folks can ask questions. Parents were happy to be able to expose their kids to the flying experience and cabin crew say it’s good practice for them as well.

"It's really teaching our crews that no matter who the passenger is, to pay attention to their issues,” explains flight attendant Hilarie Grey, “To talk to a caregiver, to understand if someone isn't looking them in the eye or not responding to the briefing.”

Source: WDAY

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