GOOD NEWS: Woman Donates Life-Saving Kidney To Stranger She Met In Bar

Just two hours after meeting a stranger in a bar, Kristin Day realized she had to help him. Her new friend needed a kidney transplant and she decided right then to get tested to see if she was a donor match. The Minnesota woman secretly started the process before finally letting the unnamed man in on her plans a few steps later.

Day’s kidney recipient was a little hesitant about such a generous gesture from a stranger, but Day says she was sure about her decision. “It was something I felt I had to see through,” she explains. “I felt like I was here to do this. I’ve never had that feeling before.”

The transplant surgery was a success and Day says she recovered within a few days. She hopes her story will encourage more people to volunteer to be living organ donors. “If you’re healthy enough to give back, and you are able to and have people who would take care of you, I strongly suggest it,” she says.

Source: Grand Forks Herald

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