GOOD NEWS: Passerby Saves Man In Sinking Car

A Michigan mom of two and security officer for Grand Valley State University, Tamy Geerts’ instincts kicked in when she saw a car sinking into a neighborhood lake recently. She pulled over to see if anyone was in the car and if she could help and she discovered a man in the driver’s seat.

Geerts found the man already submerged waist-deep in water and just sitting there, not willing to help her get out of the car. He eventually climbed into the back seat and they were able to get a back window down and pull him out. She pulled the stranger to shore and emergency crews arrived and whisked him away to the hospital. Authorities say he’s in stable condition and Ottawa County Sheriff’s officials say drugs and alcohol were not factors in the incident.

This good samaritan was initially reluctant to do an interview, but Geerts says she shared her story in hopes that it’ll inspire someone else to jump in and help when a critical moment arrives. “You have to help,” she says. “You just have to.”

Source: WOOD

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