GOOD NEWS: Stranger Creates Parking Spot For Four-Year-Old’s Bike

Food and travel writer Christine Dietz says her son has been parking his bike by the same lamp post “just about every day for the last year,” and someone has been paying attention. They recently discovered the space has been reserved for him by a kind stranger.

When mom and son got to the lamp post in Wiesbaden, Germany, they found a sticker with a picture of the kid’s blue and green balance bike on it. Dietz snapped a photo and posted it on Twitter, where other social media users are calling it “the most adorable random act of kindness ever.”

“We were really touched by someone carrying out such a sweet and joyful idea,” Dietz shares. As for her son, she says he’s “very happy about the sticker.” And the pair plans to leave a thank-you note at the newly-reserved parking space.

Source: BBC

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