Little Flo, who's 4, helps Hurricane Victims

A four-year-old Chicago girl named Florence was tired of hearing her name in the news for negative things. She couldn’t escape reports of Hurricane Florence’s destruction and damage, flooding thousands of homes and killing at least 44, so little Florence Wisniewski, who goes by “Flo,” decided to turn things around and started collecting donations for those affected by the hurricane with her name.

Flo’s mom, Tricia, posted a map on Facebook of Hurricane Florence’s path with the little girl’s smiling face on it and shared their quest for donations. Their family put out a donation bin on their porch as well and people in their Chicago community have dropped off food, diapers, and toiletries for victims of the destructive storm. Now Flo can be proud of her first name and her community for coming to the aid of those in need.

To the four-year-old, it’s pretty simple. Flo says, “I think it’s right to do, to help people.”

Source: CBS News

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