GOOD NEWS: Foster Child Raises Money For Care Packages For Foster Kids

Molly spent years in the foster care system before being adopted by her foster parents, Tim and Anna. She was still in foster care when she came up with an idea to help other foster kids like her while they transition from the only home they’ve ever known and have to live with strangers. This thoughtful eight-year-old created Sweet Cases, a care package for foster children.

The Sweet Cases are decorated duffel bags filled with stuffed animals, blankets, hygiene kits, coloring books, and crayons that foster kids can take with them. For some little ones, it’s the only permanent piece of luggage these kids have to call their own and keeps them from lugging their few belongings in a trash bag.

Molly has raised an average of $5,500 a year to create 350 Sweet Cases. Her 2019 goal is to raise $10,000 to help even more kids. Keep up the good work, Molly.

Source: EllenTube

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