GOOD NEWS: Pizza Delivery Guy Sends Police To Save Woman In Danger

A Wisconsin woman is alive today thanks to help from her pizza delivery guy. A Domino’s delivery man brought a pie to her Sheboygan county home while she was in danger and being held hostage by her ex-boyfriend and she was able to mouth the words “help me” to him, so he alerted the police and they saved the woman.

The woman was at her house when her ex, Dean Hoffmann, broke in, tied her up, and abused her. The violent scene was unfolding when Hoffman called for pizza and the alert Domino’s delivery guy saw the woman mouth “help me” and “call the police,” so he called 911 as soon as he left.

Hoffmann has been charged with a list of heinous crimes, including kidnapping and false imprisonment, and if that Domino’s driver hadn’t been paying attention or willing to get involved, it could have been much worse for the victim. It’s not every day your pizza delivery guy saves your life.

Source: Fox 6 Now

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