GOOD NEWS: Boy Who Can’t Play Outside Becomes Besties With School Officer

When his classmates head outside to play, six-year-old Braylon Hensonused to be stuck inside his first grade classroom. The little boy from Bay Minette, Alabama has a condition called ectodermal dysplasia and was born without sweat glands, so if it’s over 74-degrees out, he can overheat. And it’s hot in Alabama, so he’s indoors a lot, but now he has a new buddy and doesn’t spend recess alone anymore.

Braylon has formed an unlikely friendship with School Resource Officer Ronald Saladin. After seeing the kid inside while everyone else got to go out to play, Saladin let Braylon come walk around with him so he wouldn’t feel left out and he loves it. The officer even bought his first grade buddy his own police uniform so he can look the part as they patrol the school together.

Now Braylon’s teachers say they’ve seen a boost in his confidence and his grades have gone up too, since he’s been hanging out with Saladin. But it’s not just the kid who’s having a good time. “It’s definitely a blessing, like it was meant to be,” the officer says of his sidekick.

Source: CBS News

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