GOOD NEWS: Teacher Gets Help After Plea Goes Viral

The power of celebrity is a mighty thing these days. A Baltimore school teacher has been pleading for help in getting supplies for her students. Thanks to actress Kristen Bell, she now has more supplies than she knows what to do with.

Baltimore city school teacher Kristen Johnson is so thankful after actress Kristen Bell posted her plea for supplies on her Instagram account. In the video, Johnson talks about one of her students in need. "One of my girls said she couldn't come to school because it was raining, and she didn't have an umbrella or a rain jacket, so instead of walking to school and being soaked, she would just stay home, wasn't going to school," Johnson said.

Kristen Bell is participating in the "10 Featured Teachers challenge," which is a call for fans to send supplies to teachers in need. It's working.

Source: MSN

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