GOOD NEWS: Kid Collects Bottle Caps To Build “Buddy Benches”

October is Bullying Prevention Month and one little girl is doing her part to help make sure no one suffers alone. Sammie Vance started a campaign to raise money for “Buddy Benches” - which are a safe place for kids to sit down when they’re lonely and want to make a friend or talk with someone, and they can also be a place for a kid to go if they’re being bullied and want to let teachers know about a problem.

Heidi Vance, mom to nine-year-old Sammie, found out about a company that turns recycled plastic caps and lids into benches and the duo spread the word so the school PTA, their community, and friends on Facebook started collecting for them. Soon they had more than 1,600 pounds of lids from all 50 states, Africa, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands and they collected enough plastic to create three benches for Sammie’s school.

Now Sammie’s Buddy Benches have inspired other schools to get their own benches and kids at her school thank her for getting them. Her proud mom says, “There is so much that can be accomplished from someone small with a big heart.”

Source: Babble

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