GOOD NEWS: Invention Blocks Out Negative News

Seems like every time you turn on the news, there’s something depressing happening. One man got so tired of only seeing negative news that he made sunglasses to block out whatever is playing on the TV screen. 

Los Angeles engineer Scott Blew said he got fed up one day while waiting in line for food because every TV screens had on the local news. His solution was to order a special lens film that blocks out LED and LCD light. After testing it out on a pair glasses, Blew was happy to learn it worked. Now him and a couple friends have designed IRL glasses which is short for “in real life.” 

The sunglasses have a polarized lens that blocks the light so if you’re in a bar or sitting in a waiting room at the doctor office and don’t like what’s playing just pop on the shades and the TV screens will “magically” go black. 

A pair of IRL shades will start at $49 bucks and they’re expected to be available for purchase in April.

Source: Good News Network

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