GOOD NEWS: Shopper Saves Stranger’s Life, Facebook Helps Them Connect

A shopping trip to Aldi took an unexpected turn for Marianne LaPlante when she unexpectedly collapsed in the New Jersey supermarket. Her 91-year-old mom was with her and screamed for help, and thankfully, Lisa Manoy was also shopping at that time and rushed to help.

Manoy spent 15 years working as a nurse, so when she saw the stranger on the ground, convulsing and turning blue, she knew what to do. She checked Marianne’s vital signs and started CPR while Manoy’s daughter tried to calm Marianne’s mother. An ambulance arrived and whisked her to the hospital with her not knowing anything about the woman who saved her.

Once Marianne was home and feeling better, she wanted to thank the good samaritan who resuscitated her, but since she didn’t know who she was, she wrote a thank you note and posted it to a local community Facebook page. Manoy’s daughter saw it and shared it with her mom.

"I didn't feel like an angel or a hero or anything, I just felt like an ordinary person trying to do something good," Manoy says modestly.


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