GOOD NEWS: Tulsa Family Gives Free Halloween Costumes To Kids In Need

If trick-or-treaters show up to the Bolusky’s home right here in Tulsa on Halloween without a costume, they aren’t turned away, they get a chance to shop for one to wear and keep. Mom Emily Bolusky says it all started a few years ago when a little girl came trick-or-treating at their door wearing regular clothes, so her daughters ran upstairs and grabbed a costume they no longer used and gave it to the girl at the door.

Emily was inspired by her daughters’ generosity, so the next year she asked them to collect some costumes and props from their collection and asked friends to do the same. They set up a tent outside their house with donated costumes hanging up so kids can try on their new dress-up gear and wear it trick-or-treating. Since they started the costume closet, they estimate they’ve given away 150 costumes a year.

“The appreciation and surprise that the children and parents displayed for this gesture was truly moving,” Bolusky says.

Source: Inside Edition

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