GOOD NEWS: Woman Praises Teen Who Returned Wallet With $300 Inside

After stopping for groceries at a Birmingham, Alabama Piggly Wiggly supermarket, Sheila Spencer realized she couldn’t find her wallet or cell phone. She retraced her steps to the store, called to check and found out her stuff had been returned by a young employee named Anthony. And all of her cash was still inside!

Sheila was so thankful and impressed that she shared the story on Facebook

to give the teen credit for his good deed. She writes that she got her wallet back with the $300 or so cash inside, so she thanked Anthony for his honesty with $100 and even called his mom to tell her what a great job she’s doing with her son.

“We hear very little about kids when they do something positive, it's always lots of talk about the bad things that happen,” Sheila writes. “Let's make this post go viral, to show other young men and ladies that there is honor in doing the right thing."

Source: Sunny Skyz

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