Wrong Number Turns Jimmy John's worker into a Hero

Lisa Nagengast had just returned from visiting her brother who was having surgery in Columbus, Nebraska, when he called to tell her he was in a lot of pain. His home health care workers were telling him to head to the hospital, but he’d taken medication and couldn't drive. And being a veteran, he has to get prior permission from the VA before calling an ambulance, so she offered to call her brother’s social worker to figure it out.

She called and was passed to a manager who listened to the whole thing. What Lisa didn’t realize was that she’d actually called a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop instead. Manager Jason Voss realized Lisa’s confusion, but instead of telling her she had the wrong number and hanging up, he put one of his drivers, Zach Hilmer, on the job.

Hilmer explained to Lisa that she’d accidentally called Jimmy John’s by mistake, but then he got in his car and picked up her brother and took him to the hospital. Lisa and her brother are extremely grateful for these Nebraska “nice” folks going out of their way to help. She says, “In this day and age with everybody being pitted against each other, it was amazing what they did and I can’t begin to thank them enough.”

Source: KETV

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