GOOD NEWS: Woman Lands Helicopter After Pilot Blacks Out

It had been a dream vacation for Carli McConaughy and Adam Barnett. They were in Hawaii and he proposed, she said yes and they celebrated with their first-ever helicopter ride. But as the newly-engaged couple took in the sights of Oahu, the pilot blacked out, leaving them alone up there.

Adam says Carli looked back at him about 25 minutes into the flight and pointed to the pilot who had lost consciousness and was slumped over the controls. As the helicopter was nose diving toward the water below, Carli asked her fiance what to do and he advised her to pull up on the controls. She did and held them all the way down from 1,000 feet up until the chopper made a hard landing in the shallow water by the beach.

Kayakers helped the couple after they landed and so did the Coast Guard. The pilot has recovered from his medical emergency and is okay now and the couple are fine, aside from his dislocated wrist and her foot injury. And Carli doesn’t even think of her actions as heroic, she casually says, “It’s something anyone would do.”

Source: Inside Edition

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