GOOD NEWS: Neighborhood Hosts Early Halloween For Boy Having Surgery

A four-year-old got the chance to celebrate Halloween early this year after an Illinois neighborhood heard he would miss the trick-or-treating festivities because of a scheduled surgery. Sonny Mead, dressed as Superman, hit up houses in the Goshen Meadows neighborhood a few days early so he didn’t have to miss his favorite holiday and still got to collect candy.

Sonny was scheduled to have a vital surgery on his skull and wouldn’t have been able to participate in Halloween fun this year, but when family friend Amanda Richert heard that, she did something about it. “He wasn’t going to be able to trick-or-treat, and I just, as a mom, could not let that happen,” she explains.

So she organized the early Halloween celebration in her neighborhood to give Sonny the holiday he loves so much. He got to dress up, get candy and enjoy what he thought was actually Halloween, thanks to this neighborhood.


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