GOOD NEWS: Woman Rescued After Surviving Six Days In Desert Car Crash

A woman in Arizona is lucky to be alive after a car crash left her vehicle suspended in a tree. The 53-year-old was rescued after surviving there for six days after the wreck.

She was driving near WIckenburg and lost control of her car, then it went through a fence and dropped about 50 feet before a tree branch caught it. And that’s where the car was hanging for almost a week. The damaged fence led Department of Transportation workers to find her car and an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper found her nearby at a river bed, wounded and dehydrated.

The woman reportedly told the officer she stayed inside the car for a few days before she got out. She tried to walk toward the railroad tracks to find help, but didn’t make it far and was airlifted to the hospital for treatment. Colonel Frank Milstead praised the efforts of everyone involved, saying “due to their outstanding efforts, this woman’s life was saved.”

Source: New York Post

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