GOOD NEWS: Pets And Owners Reunited Months After Cali Wildfire

This summer as the Carr Fire burned in Northern California, residents had to evacuate quickly, rushing to grab their valuables and pets and escape with their lives. But many people couldn’t get their animals to cooperate as the flames got closer and had to leave without them, assuming they didn’t survive the blaze. And thankfully, volunteers in the area have spotted some of these pets and have been working hard to trap the animals to reunite them with their owners.

The Carr Fire Pet Rescue and Reunification is a network of about 35 volunteers who are putting in the time and effort to bring these pets - mostly cats - back together with their owners, many of whom lost their homes and belongings in the fires. Robin Bray, field coordinator for the group says about 80 pets have been reunited with their families using social media and special kiosks they created in Redding where images of found pets are posted.

“So many of these people have lost everything,” Bray said. “The only thing they care about is finding their pet that they love. They want that hope back in their lives and we’re trying to provide that.”

Source: AP News

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