GOOD NEWS: Aggressive Rescue Dog Transforms In Vet Tech’s Arms

Pacino the pit bull was discovered alone in an abandoned house in Camden, New Jersey, covered in terrible wounds. Animal control officers rushed the skinny, filthy dog to a veterinarian and told them he was “too aggressive to handle” as they assessed his condition. Luckily, vet tech Brittany Elder was working that day and held Pacino as he shook and the vet tried to decide what to do.

The animal control officers assume that Pacino had been used as a bait dog for dogfighting and because his wounds were so severe and would be so expensive to treat, it was decided that he’d be put down. Then, as Elder held and tried to comfort this poor dog who had been through hell and back, he looked up at her and licked her face and that changed everything.

It was then Elder realized Pacino wasn’t too aggressive and she decided to save his life, assuming full financial responsibility for him and fostering him back to health. He endured surgery and recovered at home with Elder, finally learning what being loved and cared for is all about. She had plans to have Pacino adopted after he was well, but she soon realized, “It was clear to us that we were in fact his family and we couldn’t ever let him go.”

Source: The Dodo

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