GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritans Carry Boy’s Wheelchair In Snow

Every afternoon Shannon Ranger goes to her son’s school to walk him home. Matthew is six and he uses a wheelchair because he has spina bifida and their trip home became a lot more challenging one afternoon after heavy snow hit their area in Edmonton, Canada. Ranger thought she’d be able to push her son’s wheelchair home, but they got stuck.

The mom had two other kids with her and tried using the shovels she brought along to clear the path, but it was too difficult. Ranger was feeling desperate when a man came out of a nearby house with a shovel and got to work in front of them. Then another man came out and joined his efforts, but the strangers soon realized it would be easier to carry the wheelchair than clear the sidewalk, so they carried Matthew the half mile to his house.

Ranger was so impressed by the kindness of these men and shared the story in a Facebook post. “They really showed me that good people are out there,” she writes. “And I couldn’t be more thankful today!!”

And the best part? Ranger says that her neighbors must have heard about the story because people keep shoveling snow and clearing the sidewalks so she and Matthew can get home.

Source: CBS News

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