GOOD NEWS: Missing Michigan Dog Found At Texas Rest Stop

A nine-year-old miniature schnauzer from Michigan was recently found wandering around a rest stop in Alanreed, Texas, but she found the right person to help. Amie Lewis II is the rest stop supervisor and also happens to run a dog rescue, so even though the dog, Bonnie Belle, didn’t have a microchip, she had Michigan tags and Lewis posted about her on the Facebook page Michigan – Lost, Missing, Stolen or Found Pets.

The post about Bonnie was spotted by Jenny Billingsley’s husband, who recognized her as his wife’s late father’s dog. Jenny’s dad passed away two years earlier and her mom was going through rehab for serious injuries, so Jenny gave Bonnie Belle to a family friend who was to adopt and care for the pooch. Unfortunately, Jenny lost contact with that person and had no idea what happened to Bonnie until her husband saw that post.

Now Jenny has met up with Lewis and has her dad’s beloved Bonnie Belle back. It’s still a mystery how the dog made it over a thousand miles from Michigan to Texas, but Jenny is grateful to have Bonnie again. “For me, this is like having a little piece of my dad back,” she says.

Source: People

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