GOOD NEWS: Legally Blind Man Sees First Game Thanks To Special Glasses

Omaha native Jamey Dougall has always been a huge football fan and loves to watch the University of Nebraska play. But he’s been forced to sit inches away from the TV to see anything at all because the 37-year-old man is legally blind. He can’t see the ball, but he can follow movements on the field and relies on announcers for play-by-play.

But this season, Dougall finally got to see all the details of a Huskers game, thanks to a pair of glasses and new technology. The glasses look like virtual reality glasses, and they allowed Dougall to see the action for himself. After seeing his wife and his two daughters, seeing his team play was a lifelong dream and it didn’t disappoint when it became a reality.

“It was everything I thought Husker nation was,” Dougall says of his game day experience. “That’s something I never knew I was going to see in my life.”


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