GOOD NEWS: Terminally Ill Dog’s Owner Treats Him To Cross Country Road Trip

After Paul Heroux, the mayor of Attleboro, Massachusetts, found out his dog, Mura, had terminal blood cancer, he wanted to make his time with her count. He got her diagnoses in September after Mura’s spleen ruptured and he thought she might not make it through the night. When she did, he packed up the car for on an epic road trip with Mura by his side, traveling through 24 states and stopping for precious photos along the way.

“Mura doesn’t know she has terminal cancer so don’t tell her. Just let her think she is the little princess that she is going for the best ride of her life,” Heroux wrote on Facebook on Nov. 2. “Dogs love to go for a ride.”

Mura only has months left to live, but they are making the most of the time. They traveled to Canada to meet Mura’s breeder, went to Niagara Falls, Chicago, California, and the Grand Canyon and they both seemed to have a great time. “It wasn’t goodbye,” Heroux says. “We went for a ride. A 8,500-mile ride.”

Source: ABC News

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