Boy gives Lucky Pennies to Police

A seven-year-old boy in Tennessee is on a mission to hand out pennies to police, but not just any pennies. Kameryn Chebetar gives out “lucky pennies” as a way of giving back and says they’re “for luck so they can get home safely.”

Along with the penny, Kameryn gives them a poem that reads:

“Many times in life you just need a little luck.

If the path you’re on is bumpy,

Or you’re simply feeling stuck.

When you’re up against a challenge,

Or have something big to face,

This lucky little penny

May be your saving grace.”

His “Pennies for Police 2018” campaign even has its own Facebook page. Word of his lucky pennies has spread and now police departments across the country have requested their own lucky pennies, too.

Source: Inside Edition

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