GOOD NEWS: Good Samaritans Save Lost Christmas Donation Cash

Every year, James Hils and his family donate money to several local charities, but this year it almost didn’t happen. When the Erlanger, Kentucky man came home with the cash from the bank, he somehow lost the envelope full of money. But just as he was starting to lose hope of ever finding the $1,200, he saw a Facebook post from the Erlanger Police Department.

The post asked if anyone had lost something of value at the Silverlake Kroger and Hils got his hopes up. He says he got excited that maybe this was a Christmas miracle that would keep his family’s tradition alive. And he was right. A woman and her daughter found the cash in the grocery store parking lot and turned it in at the store.

The good samaritan didn’t want to be identified, explaining she did it to teach her daughter the right thing to do and the Fraternal Order of Police rewarded her with a gift card and a turkey voucher. Now Hils has his money to donate to those in need back and says this is the perfect message for the holiday season. “Everytime we do something good, it’s going to maybe lead to someone else doing something good,” he says. And that’s what it’s all about.

Source: WLWT

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