GOOD NEWS: Neighbors Step Up To Harvest Crop For Farmer With Cancer

Farmers in West Texas stepped up to help when they found out one of their own had cancer and couldn’t harvest his cotton crop. Greg Bishop was diagnosed with leukemia and is getting treatment, so he can’t get out in the fields, but his neighboring fellow farmers were happy to lend a hand. They offered so much help, some even had to be turned away.

They came with all the equipment they needed to harvest Bishop’s fields, about 450 acres total. Aaron Hendricks has known Bishop for around 25 years and says 80 or 90 people came out to help and they ended up with 1,200 bales of processed cotton, which is worth about $420,000. He says if he had done it himself, it would’ve taken two to three weeks, but this huge team of volunteers finished the work in about five hours.

“He would not have asked anyone for help,” Hendricks says about Bishop. “But he would have been the first one out there if somebody else was sick.”

Source: CNN

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