GOOD NEWS: Sixth-Grader’s Note On Car Helps Fix Hit And Run

When college senior Andrew Sipowicz found his Ford Mustang with a dent in it after a hit-and-run, he was pretty upset. But then he found a note under the windshield explaining the events surrounding the dent and who was at fault, and it was from a sixth-grader who witnessed it.

Ziarra Griffin, the 11-year-old note writer, didn’t dent the car herself, but she was on the school bus that did. “If you’re wondering what happened to your car, bus 449 hit your car,” her note explains. “It stops here every day to drop me off. She hit and run. Sorry.”

She even included a sketch of the bus and thanks to her honesty and artistic talent, the bus driver was held accountable for her accident. Andrew will now get his car fixed and his faith in people has been restored, thanks to Ziarra. He was so touched by her action that he had to meet her and thank her face-to-face.

“I could have acted like it didn’t happen, but I chose to do something about it because my mom always said, ‘When you see somebody doing the wrong thing, you have to do the right thing,’” Ziarra explains. 

Source: CBS News

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