GOOD NEWS: Secret Santa Gives Single Mom Of Three A New Car

A secret Santa is bringing early Christmas presents to people in need and East Idaho News is helping deliver the good news to the lucky recipients. He’s trying to give away $250,000 to deserving people and one of the most recent to be blessed with the generosity is Nikkie Schwemmer, a single mom of three who hasn’t had a car to get to work since hers died.

Schwemmer was shocked when a stranger knocked on her Idaho door and shared the good news that she’s now the owner of a brand-new car. She was handed the key to a new blueberry-color Subaru and the whole thing actually left the mom speechless as the news sunk in.

She thanked those involved for her amazing gift and says “it’s the perfect color.” Turns out, the family’s favorite show is “Psych,” which has a blueberry car in it and now they have one of their own.

Source: East Idaho News

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