GOOD NEWS: After 4,057 Days In Foster Care, Teen Finds Forever Home

An Indiana teen who’s spent most of her life in the foster care system has finally been adopted by her forever family, just in time for Christmas. Scarlet has been in and out of foster care since she was a baby, but now the 17-year-old has a family of her own to spend the holidays with, for the first time ever.

Patty and Mike (who declined to give their last name) decided to adopt a child and went into the process looking for a kid between six and 10, but then they met Scarlet and she changed their minds. Patty says the three of them really hit it off and Mike told her he had a feeling they needed to adopt her, so they decided to go for it. The couple submitted paperwork and were found to be a match for Scarlet and have now officially made her one of their own, after she spent 4,057 days in foster care. That’s more than 11 years!

"Scarlet said, 'I just so hoped you were going to be the ones to adopt me because I really liked you,'" Patty says. "I told her, 'I wish I could've met you earlier and I wish I could take [the bad times] away,' but all I can do is make it good for her from now on."

Source: Good Morning America

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