GOOD NEWS: “Hoods to Woods” Takes Inner City Kids Snowboarding For Free

For kids who grow up in the city, there are not always a lot of chances to experience the outdoors and the nonprofit Hoods to Woods is working on changing that. The group takes inner city kids snowboarding for the first time, covering all the costs of the experience.

Hoods to Woods was started in 2009 by Brian Paupaw and Omar Diazand back then they only had four kids. Now every winter they take 40 kids from New York snowboarding on five day trips to Big Boulder resort in Pennsylvania. And since snowboarding requires lift tickets along with a bunch of gear, it keeps a lot of families from getting to try it, so Hoods to Woods provides a unique opportunity. The cost per kid each winter runs about $2,400 for transportation, food, lift tickets and more.

This is a passion project for Paupaw, who was inspired to start the organization after falling in love with snowboarding and wanting to give kids who’d never done it a chance to fall in love with it, too.

Find out more about Hoods to Woods or donate to help a kid start snowboarding on their Facebook page.

Source: Scary Mommy

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