GOOD NEWS: National Guard Soldier Helps Rescue Snowed-In Baby

A heavy snowstorm in North Carolina has left some without power for days and that became a scary situation for a family with an infant who had recently been sick. After three days with no power, the family from Lenoir was really concerned their young baby would get sick again, so they called 911 for help.

Sergeant Donovan McPherson with the National Guard was working with emergency responders, escorting them and providing back-up to first-aid workers, when the call came in. When they arrived to rescue the family, the mom had her arms full as she tried to carry a lot out of the house, so McPherson took the infant carrier with the baby inside and carried it to safety.

The mother was very thankful for the National Guard’s help, especially McPherson for holding the baby. Now the family is staying with relatives in Hudson, who are fortunate enough to have power.

Source: WRAL

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